About Us

Epping Forest ReUSE (charity no: 1153597) is a registered charity which assists people in Epping Forest District and surrounding areas with the provision of affordable furniture and domestic appliances which have been donated.

  Our aims are.

  • To provide good quality furniture and household appliances for people in need by selling at a low price, at a discount to people on income related benefits and by giving items free of charge to people in exceptional need referred by agencies.

  • To care for the environment by diverting goods from landfill. (2020/21 we diverted 81 tonnes of goods)

  • To provide volunteering opportunities for all including those marginalized by health or life experiences.


Good quality items that we can reuse are collected free of charge .


Please come and visit our showroom. Epping Forest ReUSE is open to all!

We work with a number of local agencies including:

  • Hostels for the homeless

  • Refuges

  • Councils

  • Housing Associations

  • Hospital discharge teams

  • Citizens Advice Bureaus

  • Local schools

  • Landlords/Estate Agents

Access Friendly

How it all began

When local councillor Janet Whitehouse saw good furniture in front gardens waiting to go to the dump and knew that there were people who who were given the tenancy of a flat but had nothing to put in it she wanted to do something about it. Over several years many people contributed to the development of a reuse project and in April 2013 Epping Forest ReUSE opened its doors at the ReUse Centre on the Bower Hill Industrial Estate, Epping.

Facts and Figures

In 2013/14 we achieved sales of £167,500 to 2,463 customers. A total of 2,675 sales invoices were issued, of which 28.4% included items which had been provided at a discount or free of charge to people in need. We made 1,104 collections and 752 deliveries in our first year.


In 2019/20, despite being closed for many weeks due to the pandemic, we achieved:

  • Sales of £161,804.

  • 2,606 sales invoices.

  • 11.2% of sales invoices included items provided at a discount or free of charge to people in need.

  • 1,164 collections and 694 deliveries

  • The equivalent of 1,517 sofas or 1,195 double beds and mattresses were diverted from landfill and given a new lease of life.